Young Australian of the Year state finalist!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I have some exciting news – I’m a state finalist for the Young Australian of the Year Awards!

I’m excited and honoured to be nominated amongst so many inspiring people. And looking forward to the presentation wed night.

It is great to see the YesToKalydeco campaign acknowledged after hours, months, and years of campaigning to see Kalydeco listed on the PBS. Special mention needs to go to Faye as well.

Thanks to the people that nominated me and thanks everyone for all the comments on my facebook recently. My facebook went absolutely crazy! It’s been a difficult year health wise and it’s been hard to keep in touch with friends, so it’s been great to hear from so many people. I really appreciate the support, all of the nice comments mean so much more to me than the award itself.

I am gradually getting better (from my blocked blood vessel above my heart) and I’m extremely lucky that I was on Kalydeco over the last year or so. As exercise and physio have been very difficult, Kalydeco is the only thing that has kept my lungs well and out of hospital. Without Kalydeco I feel like I would have been very close to needing a transplant by now.

I haven’t had the energy to post on my research blog (sorry if you are a subscriber!), although I’ve still been posting on facebook (and I’ve been busy starting WeNeedOrkambi), but I’m hoping to get back to blogging soon. I’ll keep posting updates here as well, although since January I haven’t had lung function numbers or much to post about! The only new thing has been my sweat test results this year – 47 and 46 – exciting to see Kalydeco continue to keep me below the CF diagnosis point for 3 years now!

Australian of the Year Website Biography

The Australian News Article

Advertiser Article 27 Oct 2015

Messenger Article 4 Nov 2015


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