Sweat Test: From 102 to 40!

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Two posts in one day! I couldn’t contain my excitement about my sweat test result so here it is:

Before: 102 (Na 110, Cl 102)
1 Month: 54 (Na 60, Cl 54)
7 Months: 40 (Na 49, Cl 40)

This means I am almost below the ‘grey area’ of 40-59! I am still hesitant to call this normal but it pretty much is! I haven’t really changed the food that I’m eating with Kalydeco or the timing, it just seems to have decreased with time. The maximum sweat chloride results were seen at 4-6 months in the phase 3 trial (about 5-7 points lower than at 2 weeks).

Some information about sweat tests:

For people older than 6 months of age, a chloride level of:
Equal to or less than 39 mmol/L = CF is very unlikely
40 – 59 mmol/L = intermediate means that CF is possible
Greater than or equal to 60 mmol/L = CF is likely to be diagnosed


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